Karma Yoga


The right attitude

The attitude with which you do something, that's what is considered correct. No matter what, with what mood. It is thus possible to determine impact on you at work: exempting or constricting. In the first case, your lesson than ever-Karma Yoga. Work, in this case, is considered as devotional service.

The correct motif

Again, no matter what you do. Along with attitude, a fundamental role is played by the true motive of your actions, and it is considered correct. The motive must be clean.

Do your duty

Here the word "duty" was seen as "justice". You don't avoid problems, if you do not perform their duty. Your duty is towards "I" or Inner teacher who teaches you using all the circumstances in your life.

Do the best you

Regardless of what you need to do, always do your utmost. If you open the best way to perform an action, use it. Don't give up and don't give up just because you are afraid of criticism. Perform work carefully and responsibly, even if you don't watch or control. Do all the best that you are capable of. Your actions should be of a maximum of good and a minimum of bad influence. More engage in Karma Yoga.

Perform the necessary requirements

Every job teaches us various skills. For each work requires certain conditions: time, the degree of concentration, skill, or experience, emotional contribution, physical energy, will. For whatever you undertake, whatever work you have performed, try to do it as well.


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