What essential oils to choose

What smells influence mood and health, emotional balance, and knows almost everything. And the knowledge that each flavor inherent in his corner in the House that is most appropriate for him to have a few. Try out a huge arsenal of aromatic oils to choose the most pleasant and useful for the organism.

So here's to you always prevailed a pleasant smell, use all sorts of flavors, which are in the store now in abundance.

The easiest way to aromatize premise-pour water into a spray bottle, dissolve it a few drops of essential oils and spray the mixture in the air.

Finished air cleaners can also be a source of pleasant aromas. They possess a special plate and if it put essential oil, return air will not only clean, but also "yummy".

We will start our journey at home with smoking aromatnicej in the hands with a hallway. Here must attend aroma, allowing the entire cushion from the bustle, feel the warmth and tranquillity of the whole House. And for this purpose suitable oils from lemon and lemon grass. Good and any oil obtained from conifers. The most effective means is considered as tea tree oil, which gives not only a pleasant aroma, but also has strong antibacterial and antifungal.

The kitchen is the most traumatic place in the apartment, where you can get different Burns (then you will need to use eucalyptus oil) and cuts (in this case perfectly will help oil kayaputa). Also good to use in the kitchen and such oils like bergamot (regulates digestion) and Chamomile (it is also used for digestive disorders).

Now let's move into the Holy of Holies-the bedroom. It contains bed linen that has shifted in the old bags with dried Lavender. And properly done, as modern research has proven that fresh scent of lavender promotes calm and deep sleep. Generally, lavender can be called the most versatile of the entire arsenal of fragrances: lavender oil is used in respiratory illnesses. They heal various skin conditions: acne, warts, ringworm, eczema. In combination with other oils (for example, bergamotovym and lemon) it is good in case of nervous fatigue, soothes stress and depression; relieves headache. Lavender oil together with chamomile and pine eases joint pain, including rheumatic.

And, of course, in the bedroom should be an intimate atmosphere that perfectly recreates ylang-ylang oil, considered the King of sensuality. It is helping, even if some forms of impotency and frigidity. But sensuality is waking up everyone in their own way: someone may be useful in this regard, the scents of jasmine, someone wakes up from the smell of roses, someone turns sandalwood. So try each named fragrance separately and decide in taste.

The most suitable place for aromatic oils-bath. But here they are used not so much for pleasant smells, how many for cosmetic or therapeutic skin care and hair care. So, warm baths, combining soothing (Jasmine, lavender, sandalwood) and refreshing (bazilikovoe, bergamot, Sage) oil, help reduce nervous tension, stress. The standard arrangement for such cases: on 2 drops on a bath nerolievogo and bergamotovogo oil and 5 drops of lavender. You can pick up a suitable mixture and independently, but the total amount of oils should not exceed 5-10 drops in a bath.

And now continue our conversation and the Office. To this corner evoked a creative mood and increased productivity, add some Clary Sage or Juniper, but note that their overdose can cause drowsiness. And here is the Rosemary, thyme and Peppermint will help you focus on your work. If you can't get yourself to do something new, something to give self-confidence use aromas of basil, Cypress, Angelica or bergamot.

If you have small children in the family, it makes sense to aromatize and child. Nice, not too intense aroma in the children's room will make the child a sense of security and will give you pleasant memories of childhood for life. Lavender or balm oil, sprayed into the air or obryzgannoe on the window curtains, help your little fidget to be more balanced. If your kid tormented by this unpleasant disease, as allergies, a drop of Chamomile oil reduces allergic reactions and eucalyptus and cypress will make it easier for colds, characteristic for the winter season. Again, compared with older oil concentration for children should be lowered to 2 times.

If you are lucky and you have a big apartment, it must be a place for the living room, where mostly all the holidays and family celebrations. And hence the smell there must be special. For example, if you are expecting to visit close friends, the best for the occasion will be Jasmine oil, creates an atmosphere of purity and frankness. For a big company is a perfect Orange oil to help free communication and improves mood. And if you want some fun from the soul there is nothing better than spicy aromas of sandalwood, cinnamon or coniferous oils. Just don't overdo it-shortage is better.

And finally I would like to give you some advice on the use of fragrant oils:

  • not less than every month make at least small changes in aromatic composition as addictive to smell decreases activity of even the most effective compositions;
  • do not use all our tips; Select only some portions of your apartment to give them suitable aromas. Otherwise you get a cacophony of smells that will cause you stress;
  • often essential oils used in individually tailored combinations. But without the help of an expert it is not recommended to use the compositions more than three oils-otherwise the effect as the smell, and the action on the body may be far from the desired;
  • extreme caution must be observed during pregnancy. Cannot be used at this time camomile and lavender oil. Pregnant not advised to use oils of basil, Laurel, marjoram, Melissa, myrrh, Juniper, Clary Sage, tansy, wormwood, Rosemary, thyme, oregano.


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