Prevention of thyroid disease


The thyroid gland is to some extent supervises the entire organism by making hormones that are involved in metabolism. Precisely because it is necessary to do everything to maintain this gland in healthy condition. This is easy: just use the useful and harmful to exclude food from the daily diet. Iodine deficiency is one of the main causes of endocrine diseases, therefore, rational nutrition provides the best medicine. The food, as it is known, is necessary to obtain vital energy, it also helps repair cells and tissues. Rational nutrition promotes metabolism, which helps the sustainability of hormonal background.

Principles of rational nutrition

Food needed for a healthy thyroid gland:

1) seafood and seaweed;
2) fruit and vegetables;
3) buckwheat and millet groats;
4) foods rich in protein (meat, eggs, milk and milk products).
Products, which should be avoided:
1) foods containing refined sugar (juices, pastries, cakes, candy, fruit candy);
2) sauces, spices, Marinades;
3) salty food;
4) peeled products. This category can include white rice, white flour and bakery products, corn flakes;
5) margarine;
6) alcohol, coffee and strong tea;
7) smoked meats and fatty meat;
8) meat products, which include dyes, preservatives and flavorings (salami, sausages);
9) canned.

The following are the principles of rational nutrition:

1) should not be there before the feelings of hunger;
2) chew;
3) don't overeat;
4) diet should be varied;
5) food should not be too hot or cold;
6) do not load it yourself exercise immediately after meals.

Increase the number of incoming of iodine in the body just. Enough to store in a cool, dark place vegetables, cook them for a couple with the display closed, without leading up to boiling, but in ready meals add not ordinary and iodized salt. However, it is worth to remember, that such salt won't go for canning products, because excessive amounts of this trace element disrupts the normal course of food preservation processes. In the rest of the iodized salt remains a popular food product, which requires a person in our time.


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