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It is no secret that sport is very useful, and even if you are no longer young, it's not a reason to abandon physical exertion. Having crossed the 40 mark, do not think that the major part of your life behind for a long time, actually is a great period to pay attention to yourself and take care of their health. In this age of falling performance, and some women have already managed to gain a few extra pounds, so collecting will fist need to start playing sports. However, you should be aware of their health condition and correctly calculate necessary load.

Sport is life! And if this is the motto you, it means that you are moving in the right direction. If not, it's never too late to exercise! So, now the question is: what sports do man? Of course, you can start with a basic home exercises for men, such as push-ups, work with dumbbells, etc. Such workouts are accustom you to sports and will give the first results. But, as in any other case, you must move on. The next step on the road to sporting success can become an entry in the specialized section of any sport or separate workout out at home. Next, what sports do man and why?


Why sailing? you ask. Swimming is not for nothing that believe driving sport (see Than useful swimming), because swimming provides a salutary effect on the cardiovascular, respiratory, musculoskeletal, nervous system. It is important to note that during the voyage all muscles of the body receive some load harmoniously develops the musculature of the body. Most professional athletes, regardless of the sport include training swimming pool. It is no secret that swimming has a positive effect on Human posture, prevents scoliosis. In General, swimming is a good help for any kind of sports and health.


At all times valued strength-our time is no exception! Strong man evokes a sense of respect among men and women. All this may give the gym, which now are myriad. Why training in the gym, but not at home? There are two big pluses in the gym: firstly, help fitness instructor who will show and tell exercise technique and lots of other goodies, secondly, the availability of the necessary equipment, which features a modern gym. And if the availability of equipment for training can be compensated for, having bought sports equipment for home or home sports complex, the assistance of a qualified instructor is not always available. But no matter where you deal with is the main deal with and feel the positive effects of occupation.

Martial arts

The ability to fend for themselves is characterized by present male quality. This is designed to teach you martial arts. There are many different martial arts, from the Eastern (karate, Aikido, JIU-Jitsu, judo), to European (boxing, Greco-Roman wrestling, freestyle wrestling). What type of martial arts to choose depends entirely on you. Remember only one thing: to study any martial combat sport you most likely will not work. Fortunately, the current hour, very many sections form the adult groups, so enroll your favorite martial arts section.

Where to go? Where to go?

Selection of sport depends on what you would like to receive from sports. If you want to play sports for the sake of health, swimming in the pool for you, if you want to have beautiful figure and strong muscles, you in the gym, and if you want to build strength, agility, endurance, flexibility, speed and get skills of self-defense, you straight into martial arts section. You can also combine various sports.

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