7 healthy foods that you add pounds

When we fall in love and generally healthy diet diets, forget that even vitamins in large quantities can cause damage. Even if you drink water, its 8-10 liters per day (depending on your physical dimensions), can become fatal.

Of course, if you eat a lot of cabbage, you can hardly rastolsteete (but earn stomach problems), but whole wheat bread, healthy cereals, Granola and other healthy foods can easily bring you a couple of extra pounds.

Breakfast cereals

These flakes on the shelves very very much, but, before you swim on a label with the word "fitness", you need to very carefully examine the composition and calorific value. However, if you look at the composition of simple breakfast cereal, they mostly consist of sugar and refined carbohydrates, many of which cause rapid weight gain.

If you are for dry breakfasts, in your blood increase dramatically the level of sugar and insulin. And within a few hours, when all indicators will come back to normal, you want something to eat.

So, once again we remind you that you need to read the ingredients on packages and pay attention not to the amount of fat and sugar and calorie content! And don't forget that often specify either calorie portions, either on 100 g, instead of the whole box. So buy carefully!

Agave Nectar

Many have positioned it as a healthy substitute for sugar or corn syrup. But, actually, it cannot be considered a healthy product. If the Sahara contains about 50% fructose, the agave syrup it from 70 to 90%. Of course, fructose contained in fruits in small amounts, is useful, but replacing the simple sugar to Agave syrup can cause problems with metabolism and other accompanying "charms".

Ideal-to abandon sugar in tea and coffee. Honey is also much better than the agave syrup, just remember that you must add to the warm drinks (not hot 40 degrees Celsius) and monitor the number, because it is calorie-26 kcal per teaspoon.

Whole grain bread

Whole grain bread quite often proposed as healthier alternatives to white bread and sdobe, and, in principle, it is true. This bread is better than white flour, but there are nuances! In most cases, it's just a good marketing move, as these grains are still crushed to the point that this bread flour to digest our bodies almost as fast as white.

At least, this refers to wheat. If you want a healthier option, you need to look for another flour bread (rye).

Muesli or Granola

If you do bar (granolu) or muesli for breakfast of cereals, dried fruits and nuts at home, then they are very healthy but quite caloric (remember about calories!). As regards the production of chocolate bars, it is unlikely that they are so useful, as you promised. As is the case with dry breakfasts, you'll need to very carefully read the composition, in which there is certainly not a very useful oil and pretty much sugar.

Low fat yogurt

As mentioned in the beginning of this article, for the magic word "low fat" lies the main danger! Fat-free milk and milk products is not very pleasant to the taste (who have tried low fat curd, knows how he creaks on teeth), so manufacturers add many other "bonus" in the fat-free product. Most often it is, of course, a huge amount of sugar and flavouring additives.

So if you really want to eat yogurt, buy normal or prepare it at home yourself (jars for yogurt are not so expensive, and if you have an electric oven, you can cook it in it without particular labour). But do not buy these treasured "0% fat" in large letters.

Mix of nuts and dried fruits

Mix of nuts and dried fruits, without a doubt, a really cool food, but if you're on a diet, don't forget that this mixture very calories! When you once again decide to eat a small handful of nuts, remember that the same almonds-609 kcal per 100 g, which means that your handfuls may well be 200-300 calories.

Fruit juices

What the packaged juices much sugar, no longer a secret. Therefore, we consider it another reminder.

I should also like to remind you that some fruits are also very high in calories. For example, 100 g of banana contains 100 kcal in grapes-70 kcal and a lot of sugar, the same applies to the watermelon-total 36 kcal per 100 g, but very high sugar content.

Fruits and berries have useful, just remember that everything is good in moderation, otherwise you will not understand why, despite your best efforts to comply with diet and exercises in the gym, those extra pounds don't want to leave the hatched places.


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