8 tips when buying a pressure cuff

  1. Cuff size. For qualitative measurements of blood pressure, you must select the appropriate size cuff. Therefore, if a hand full, buy large size cuff.
  2. If you decide to purchase mechanical tonometer, stop the choice on the model in which PEAR combined with dial. This tonometer is most convenient to use.
  3. When buying mechanical and semi-automatic tonometer pay particular attention to the quality of rubber. It is best to choose tonometer Swiss or Japanese manufacture.
  4. The most accurate result give mechanical or fully automated Sphygmomanometers. That is why they are ideal for home use.
  5. If you are not experiencing problems with your vision and hearing, as well as know how to measure pressure, buy a mechanical model. He gives the most accurate and stable result.
  6. People with arrhythmias, weak pulse and high blood pressure recommends have a power monitor, which is a very unpretentious.
  7. Anyone who does not have a mechanical pressure skills far, or having problems with hearing and vision, it is better to choose the tonometer with humeral cuff.
  8. Older people do not use tonometrami with the zapâstnoj cuff.

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