Difficulties of brass: how to swim like a true Champ


Classes start with learning the movements of the feet. As a rule, the development of these movements is slow in adults. This is due to several reasons. The first one of them is that the grebuŝie surface of the feet-brassista do not have developed planes, such as the Palm of the hand or the back surface of the foot krolista. Paddling in a Breaststroke is committed to internal surfaces of the tibia, foot and hip, in part representing the rounded shape and therefore have a smaller force of resistance. Besides most people turn foot socks out, even under favourable conditions, when Shin bent and divorced in part, does not exceed 60-70%.

The second reason linked to the need to simultaneously combine multiple traffic stops. Difficult kinematic structure of movements of the legs and the coordination of muscular tensions determines the anatomical structure of the human limb. Brassovoe movement of feet very repulsive feet movement resembles a frog. The human foot to create the driving force should develop stress not only back, but also inside. Hydrodynamic resistance occurs only when these two directions of motion are combined. Sometimes it is necessary to observe how trainee with well-developed muscles force the thigh and lower leg cannot move forward nor per centimeter. This is only because only performed hand and extensor movement no effort, forcing me to close my legs. 

The third reason is the constant need to monitor the situation during the period of extension stop and foot information. As previously stated, the water man appreciates their movements using information from receptors in the muscles and tendons of the joints. In some people, probably, such information is insufficient, and therefore allows the first stages of motor skill to effectively control their movement. Such people have a foot at the time of the stroke are relaxed, not fixed in position outside the rear when fully toed their bending. Because of this there is no reliance on water and as a result, almost no hydrodynamic resistance force arises on grebuŝih surfaces of the legs. 

The fourth reason is the asymmetry. In a breaststroke competition rules determined by the symmetry of the movements of the arms and legs. In different corners of the leg curl in hip, knee and ankle joints, different angles of bends of socks stop outward trajectory of labor movements of the legs too different. Often one leg makes a stroke deeper or starts to move before another. Asymmetry in movements to correct very difficult if it is inherent in the trainee expressed forms. Of course, such a person can be taught to swim breaststroke, but it takes a long time. If a course is brief and brassu student preparing for performances in competitions, it is impractical to dwell on correcting that shortcoming.


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