How to choose a fishing rod?

Gathered on a fishing trip? Then you just need to choose the right bait. Many novice fishermen primarily pay attention to line and hook. While it is up to the rod determines the success of your fishing.

Rod must not be too heavy or too light. Otherwise your vacation is over, and not having time to begin. Therefore, the choice of the rods must be approached wisely.

To begin with it is necessary to determine the amount of the proposed purchase. If you are looking for a bait within 500 rubles, choose the one that is more expensive. In this case, your rod will last you longer and be a lot better.

Usually the rods made from two materials: fiberglass and carbon. The first is pretty unpretentious in service, they are not afraid of the sand or water. Such rods are usually installed ceramic rings and bulky katuškoderžateli. Therefore we advise you to purchase neosnaŝënnuû fishing rod and to install all the necessary accessories. It is better to choose a ring of aluminum oxide, they are pretty light. Fishing rods from carbon road, so fit the skillful Fisher.

Now define the sizes of fishing rods. Fishing for carp and other fish weighing up to 700 g perfect rod with a length of 4 metres. It's fairly easy. For fisheries on erikah over better choose Rod length of 5 metres, with thin top. Preferably, if the rod will be parabolic system, that will udiliŝu bend on all length. With this fishing rod you can easily get nalovite or a Roach on a current.

If you dream of sazanah, get fishing rod length of 5 meters of hard and thick debris down. This Rod will catch larger fish due to its great strength.

When choosing the best fishing rods in the shop where the sales assistant will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of each model.

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