Useful sleep without a pillow?

Many people can't imagine a sleeper without such an important component, like a pillow. And so she needed? About the benefits and dangers of Pillow read our article


Collywobbles: what to do and how to avoid

Tired of the constant rumbling in the stomach? In today's article we will tell you why it happens, what to do and how to avoid it.


Prevention of tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is an extremely dangerous disease, which had previously been considered incurable and annually hold the lives of millions of people


Prevention of fatigue and overwork in preschool children

When a child 6-7 years, we can and should manage the situation, when the 13-14 and older, will make it harder. Care in the virtual world is a real threat to the mental and physical health of today's children.

Prevention of scoliosis in children

Scoliosis and posture disorders in school children is a big problem, the burden on the shoulders of modern parents.

walking by the water

Tempering at home

Zakalâjtes′! By doing this, you help your body less sore.


Prevention of thyroid disease

Change your diet to help the thyroid gland

How to strengthen the health of the child

A few tips on how to teach a child's body fight illness.

Why take contrast shower at the end of the workout

Learn what is useful as a contrast shower and taking it

How to properly run

Running quickly leads the body to normal, contributes to the development of the lungs, improves metabolism and quickly reduces weight

Treatment using water treatments

Today we'll show you how to water treatments can relieve the mental and physical suffering.

Prevention of diseases of the teeth and gums

Simple steps to keep your dental health from childhood

Prevention of vascular disease of the brain

Vascular lesions most often are the cause of disability.

3 exercises to help get rid of all diseases

Professor Sergey Bubnowsky advises tap inner reserves of the organism. Suffice it to recall the simple exercises, morning workout.


Health-improving massage for children

Massage for children can not only cure many diseases, but also to prevent possible ills.

здоровое питание

What foods cure

What foods help and which hurt read more

What to do if bitten by a tick

We will tell you about what to do with the bite of a tick and how to avoid it


How to boost immunity

Simple tips that will enable you to boost immunity

профилактика гриппа

What should I do to avoid the flu

Influenza is a very serious viral disease which weakens the cardiovascular system and its complications.


How to improve your immune system?

What to do to improve the performance of the immune system-our article

профилактика гриппа

Prevention of influenza

Today we will explain how you can prevent influenza.

водные процедуры

Where to go in the water

Today "gidrotur" is not more expensive than the standard permits in Turkey. The main thing is to find out where best to send what we you and help