What is giroskuter?

The latest development in the field of vehicles, which vspološila the whole world.

New alarm can serve coffee straight to bed

British designer came up with a device that simultaneously combines the functions of the alarm clock and coffee machine.

5 tips for choosing a pillow

Enjoy a pleasant bedtime with quality pillow.

What is a Segway?

New, innovative, quiet and environmentally friendly means of transportation.

Round hoops for embroidery

You can use them to get accurate, beautiful, attracted view work.

Touring bicycle

The basic characteristics and for what its worth the pick.

Painting by numbers

Today we will present a few tips for creating artistic masterpieces.


How to wake up early

Many people want to learn how to get up earlier to get more done. About how to do this, read our article


Useful sleep without a pillow?

Many people can't imagine a sleeper without such an important component, like a pillow. And so she needed? About the benefits and dangers of Pillow read our article


What kind of pool chosen in Moscow

A few tips on what of the many pools choose you

roller skates

Where to go rollerblading in Moscow

What places are the most popular, as well as where to learn roller skating

spa treatment

Most popular spa treatments

Let's look at the most popular spa treatments for body and face



Contraindications, tips for those who have a "this is the first time" and other interesting information you will find in this article


Prevention of fatigue and overwork in preschool children

When a child 6-7 years, we can and should manage the situation, when the 13-14 and older, will make it harder. Care in the virtual world is a real threat to the mental and physical health of today's children.

Czech Republic

Thermal baths in Czech Republic

Czech Republic is popular for its health-improving tours due to the mild European climate and numerous mineral springs.

Szechenyi baths in Budapest

Széchenyi bath-the most extensive bath complex in Europe is supplied with waters wells St. Ištvara, as well as the cold clear waters of six smaller wells.

Mineral water in Essentuki: how to choose

Does mineral water force, whether youth and beauty?

Where to relax in the summer in silence: parks Essentukov

Enjoy the peace, tranquility and coolness.

Mud in Russia: Essentuki

Yessentuki mud takes almost half the quarter in downtown Encinitas.

6 places in Moscow where you can ride a bike

Where in Moscow to find a place to bicycle tour remained only pleasant memories?

5 great ideas to spend your vacation, without detriment to the budget

See how you can spend your vacation in a crisis, even if your personal finance advise you not to do so. 

Country hotel

In one flashback, the kovboâh, Prairies and saloons you overwhelms drive and want to start dancing under the stirring rhythms, banjo and harmonica accordion? For this purpose it is not necessary to go abroad is enough to go on holiday outside Moscow, hotel "heliopark Country"!

Tropical world

May 31, 2014 year on second territory Bird Park opens new facility-indoor Pavilion "tropical world.

детский лагерь

Send a child to camp for the holidays: 10 "for" and "against"

There are many options on how to spend the holidays, and one of them is a trip to the camp. Let's try to understand what are the pros and cons of this type of holiday.