morning exercises

5 ways to do morning exercises more effective

Proven: daily morning charging reduces the risk of disease in 6 times, a third increases operability and adds 5 years of life.


Why choose basketball

Today basketball is one of the most popular sports. We'll tell you exactly why he is the best section for child

walking by the water

Tempering at home

Zakalâjtes′! By doing this, you help your body less sore.


Prevention of thyroid disease

Change your diet to help the thyroid gland

empty plate

«Dinner minus "or how to lose weight, not putting effort

"Breakfast eat itself, share lunch and dinner give enemy"-this saying has become the basis for such a popular diet.


Some nutritionists recommend porridge?

According to scientists, the cereals is the perfect dish.

woman in a sauna

Which bath go?

Today we reveal key features between Russian, Turkish and Finnish sauna.

Relaxing meditation

How to relax: meditation

Meditation allows you to be filled with joy and happiness in just a few minutes.


Where to go: solar Georgia

Tours in Georgia is perhaps slightly forgotten classics of Soviet tourism.


Any dance lessons worth sign up

To spent time on the active lifestyle has brought only joy, find on their liking, such as dancing

Win: acne facial

Bad habits can be of two types: too much concern about their own face or "incorrect" care, such as squeezing pimples.

What to do if your child "Unsportsmanlike"

Learn how to maintain the health of their children from an early age

Slavic spirituality

The so-called shamanic practices exist not only among the peoples of Siberia and the far North, but also to the Indo-Europeans.

загораем правильно

How correctly to sunbathe

Learn why not worth the long to luxuriate in the Sun

Lpg (Endermology)

Using LPG comes a complex effect on the epidermis, DermIS and subcutaneous fat, and the impact of the combined: vacuum nozzle skin fold is captured inside the compartment in which the tiny rollers, rotating in different directions, dimpling, the boat's controllability and grind skin


The first asserts that it became common thanks to the Belgian town of Spa, where the mineral spring, which has healing powers

Permanent make-up/Tattoo

Tattooing in General, it allows you to repeat all the same is possible with decorative cosmetics, the truth is that the result will be much more dogovečnym

Self tanning

All because tanning systems products are used, the well-known cosmetic and food industry for more than thirty years

Skin bioreinforcing

Technology method is administered under the skin the drug prolonged action (Surdžiderm 18 (Surgiderm ®), Juvederm Ultra 2 (Juvederm ® Ultra2), bio-r 30 (BIO-R 30 ®), Belotero soft (BELOTERO ® SOFT), plazmagel′ or plazmafiller, Radiess (Radiesse))

Akvaliks (Aqualyx)

This technique was developed by a professor at the University of